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  1. Tolmachev V, Varasteh Z, Honarvar H, Hosseinimehr SJ, Eriksson O, Jonasson P  Frejd F, Abrahmsen L, Orlova A. Imaging of PDGFRb in gliobalstoma xenografts using the Affibody molecule 111In-DOTA-ZPDGFRb:9591. Journal of Nuclear Medicine 2014; 55: 294-300.
  2. Hofström C, Altai M,  Honarvar H, Strand J, Malmberg J, Hosseinimehr SJ, Orlova A,  Gräslund T, Tolmachev V. HAHAHA, HEHEHE, HIHIHI or HKHKHK: influence of histidine containing tags position and composition on biodistribution of  [99mTc(CO)3]+- labelled affibody molecules. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, 2013; 56: 4966-4974.
  3. Tolmachev V, Malmberg J, Hofström C, Abrahmsén L, Bergman T, Sjöberg A, Sandström M, Gräslund T, Orlova A. Imaging of IGF-1R in prostate cancer xenografts using the Affibody molecule 111In-DOTA-ZIGF1R:4551. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2012;53:90-7.
  4. Tolmachev V, Tran TA, Rosik D, Abrahmsén L, Sjöberg A, Orlova A. Tumor targeting using Affibody molecules: interplay of affinity, target expression level and binding site composition. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2012; 53: 953-960.
  5. Wållberg H, Orlova A, Altai M, Widström C, Hosseinimehr SJ, Malmberg J, Ståhl S, Tolmachev V. Molecular design and optimization of 99mTc-labeled recombinant affibody molecules improves their biodistribution and imaging properties. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2011; 52:461–469.
  6. Tolmachev V, Velikyan I, Sandström M, Orlova A. A HER2-binding Affibody molecule labelled with 68Ga for PET imaging: direct in vivo comparison with the 111In-labelled analogue. European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, 2010; 37: 1356-67.
  7. Tolmachev V, Stone-Elander S, Orlova A. Current approaches to the use of radiolabeled tyrosine kinase-targeting drugs for patient stratification and treatment response monitoring: prospects and pitfalls. The Lancet Oncology, 2010; 11:992-1000.
  8. Tolmachev V, Friedman M, Sandström M,  Eriksson TJ, Rosik D, Hodik M, Ståhl S, Frejd FY, Orlova A. Affibody molecules for EGFR targeting in vivo: aspects of dimerization and labeling chemistry. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 2009; 50: 274-283.
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