Tobias Sjöblom – Finding and understanding cancer-causing mutations

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    Photo: Axel Henriksson

Mutations that cause normal cells to lose control over cell division and maintenance can be inherited or acquired during a person’s lifetime and are important contributors to cancer development. Our research focuses on finding and understanding mutations that cause colorectal cancer.

Our projects are centred around four main topics: a) identification of cancer-causing mutations, b) investigation of how specific mutations contribute to tumour development or metastasis, c) strategies to utilize specific genetic properties of cancer cells for targeted anti-cancer treatment, and d) development of methods and procedures
to aid or improve diagnosis.

Ongoing research covers development of methods for faster and more accurate identification of cancer cell mutations in clinical sequencing, identification of mutated genes in colorectal cancer patient materials, knock-in and knock-out studies of candidate cancer genes in human cell lines, and development of a novel regime for anti-cancer treatment. Our research on methods for extraction of DNA and RNA from tissue specimens has also resulted in a spin-out company, ExScale Biospecimen Solutions, and has been brought to the market as a CE/IVD compliant diagnostic kit.

Translational cancer research is dependent on high quality patient materials and Tobias Sjöblom is Director of the U-CAN project, where clinical samples and information are collected from cancer patients for the purpose of supporting high quality research.

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