Gunilla Enblad's project on lymphomas, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer

Biology of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma

Gunilla Enblad, Mattias Berglund, Gustaf Hedström, Charlott Mörth, Amal Abu Sabaa, Alex Gholiha, Antonis Valachis, Gustav Gammelgård

In our research we study the biological background for the origin and growth of the tumour. We have previous observed that patients with an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis have a higher risk of developing diffuse large B-cell lymphoma. There are also gender and age differences linked to disease prognosis. We are using the U-CAN material to study tumor material and serum and plasma proteins to elucidate the biology of the disease. The project is a collaboration within Uppsala University with Rose-Marie Amini, Eva Baecklund, Christer Sundström, Maysaa Aslani, Larry Mansouri, Richard Rosenquist.

Development of new therapies

Gunilla Enblad, Hans Hagberg, Alex Gholiha, Gustav Gammelgård

Another aim is to develop new therapies for patients who do not respond to the standard treatments used today. We are for instance working with a new strategy where genetically modified T cells, CAR T cells, a type of white blood cell, are used to eradicate the tumour cells. The project is performed in collaboration with Magnus Essand and Angelica Loskog.

Clinical and biological studies of Hodgkin lymphoma

Daniel Molin, Gunilla Enblad, Ingrid Glimelius, Peter Hollander, Ingemar Lagerlöf, Ninja Övergaard, Ulla Martinsson

The aim is to increase the knowledge of the interaction between the tumour cells and the microenvironment in Hodgkin lymphoma and how this knowledge can be used to develop new treatments. Furthermore, our aim is to study FDG-PET in relation to the microenvironment and to perform clinical studies on patients with Hodgkin lymphoma. Lastly, our aim is to study late effects of the treatment and how they can be avoided. The project is performed in collaboration with Rose-Marie Amini, Gustaf Ljungman and Annika Englund.

Clinical and biological studies of Mantle cell lymphoma

Ingrid Glimelius, Anna Laurell

The aim of this project is to introduce and study new treatments in mantle cell lymphoma. Furthermore, we aim to study the microenvironment in relation to clinical outcome and also if these patients have any significant late effects of the treatment.

Clinical and biological studies of prostate cancer

Silvia Johansson, Lennart Åström, David Kudrén, Gunilla Enblad

The projects involve different aspects of radiotherapy for patients with prostate cancer and how the effects can be measured and described. Patients with localised prostate cancer treated with proton beam therapy or brachytherapy are evaluated. The biology of prostate cancer after a short course of radiotherapy is studied and the new treatment with Radium223 is studied and evaluated.

Clinical and biological studies of ovarian cancer

Ingrid Glimelius, Camilla Sköld, Gunilla Enblad

This project aims to study the risk of ovarian cancer in relation to pregnancy parameters. Furthermore, we aim to use the U-CAN material for studies of the tumour biology and biomarkers in relation to prognosis.