Publications – Birgitta Johansson

Publications in DiVA

Selected publications:

  1. Andersson, C., Johansson, B., Wassberg, C., Johansson, S., Sundin, A., & Ahlstrom, H. Assessment of Whether Patients' Knowledge, Satisfaction, and Experience Regarding Their 18F-Fluoride PET/CT Examination Affects Image Quality. J Nucl Med Technol, 2016, 44(1), 21-25.
  2. Alfonsson, S., Olsson, E., Hursti, T., Lundh, M. H., & Johansson, B. Socio-demographic and clinical variables associated with psychological distress 1 and 3 years after breast cancer diagnosis. Support Care Cancer. 2016, 24(9), 4017-4023.
  3. Hauffman, A., Alfonsson, S., Mattsson, S., Forslund, M., Bill-Axelson, A., Nygren, P., & Johansson, B. The Development of a Nurse-Led Internet-Based Learning and Self-care Program for Cancer Patients With Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression-A Part of U-CARE. Cancer Nurs. 2016.
  4. Pettersson A, Nygren P, Persson C, Berglund A, Turesson I, Johansson B. Effects of a dietary intervention on gastrointestinal symptoms after prostate cancer radiotherapy: long-term results from a randomized controlled trial. Radiotherapy and oncology: journal of the European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology. 2014, 113, 240-7.
  5. Lundh MH, Lampic C, Nordin K, Ahlgren J, Bergkvist L, Lambe M, Berglund A, Johansson B. Sickness absence and disability pension following breast cancer - A population-based matched cohort study. Breast (Edinburgh, Scotland). 2014, 23, 844-51.
  6. Mattson S, Alfonsson S, Carlsson M, Nygren P, Olsson E, Johansson B. Internet-based stepped care with interactive support and cognitive behavioral therapy for reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms in cancer - a clinical trial protocol. BMC Cancer. 2013, 13, 414.
  7. Thalén-Lindström A, Larsson G, Glimelius B, Johansson B. Anxiety and depression in oncology patients; a longitudinal study of a screening, assessment and psychosocial support intervention. Acta Oncologica, 2013, 52, 118-127.
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  9. Pettersson AE, Persson CR, Johansson BBK, Turesson, I. Effects of a dietary intervention on acute gastrointestinal side effects and health-related quality of life: a randomised controlled trial in prostate cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy. Radiotherapy and Oncology, 2012, 103, 333-340.
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