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  1. Xiang M, Adrián Grosso R, Takeda A, Pan J, Bekkhus T, Brulois K, Dermadi D, Nordling S, Vanlandewijck M, Jalkanen S, Ulvmar MH.*, Butcher E.C.* A single-cell transcriptional roadmap of the mouse and human lymph node lymphatic vasculature. Frontiers in Cardiovascular medicine 2020, 2020, 7:52. *Co-senior authors
  2. He Q, Li X, Singh K, Luo Z, Meija-Cordova M, Jamalpour M, Lindahl B, Kriz V, Vuolteenaho R, Ulvmar M, Welsh M. The Cdh5-CreERT2 transgene causes conditional Shb gene deletion in hematopoietic cells with consequences for immune cell responses to tumors. Scientific Reports, 2019, 9(1):7548.
  3. Zhang Y*, Ulvmar M.H*, Stanczuk L, Martinez-Corral I, Frye M, Mäkinen T. Heterogeneity in VEGFR3 levels drives lymphatic vessel hyperplasia through cell-autonomous and non-cell-autonomous mechanisms. Nature Communications, 2018, 9(1) 1226. *Co-first authors
  4. Nawaf MG, Ulvmar MH, Withers DR, McConnell FM, Gaspal FM, Jones ND, Yagita H, Allison JP, Lane PJL. Concurrent OX40 and CD30 Ligand blockade abrogates the CD4-driven autoimmunity associated with CTLA4 and PD1 blockade, while preserving excellent anti-CD8 tumor immunity. Journal of Immunology, 2017, 199(3):974-981.
  5. Ulvmar MH, Martínez-Corral I, Stanczuk L. Mäkinen T. Pdgfrb-Cre targets lymphatic endothelial cells of both venous and non-venous origins. Genesis, 2016, 54(6), 350-358.
  6. Ulvmar M.H. and Mäkinen T. Heterogeneity in the lymphatic vascular system and its origin Cardiovascular Research, 2016, 111(4): 310-321.
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  8. Lucas B, White AJ, Ulvmar MH, Nibbs R.J, Sitnik K.M. Agace W.W, Anderson G, Rot A. The atypical chemokine receptor CCRL1/ACKR4 is expressed in key thymic microenvironments but is dispensable for T lymphopoiesis at steady state in adult mice. European Journal of Immunology, 2015, 45(2); 574-583
  9. Martinez-Corral I, Ulvmar M.H, Stanczuk L, Tatin F, Kizhatil K, John S.W, Alitalo K, Ortega S, Makinen T. Non-venous origin of the dermal lymphatic vasculature. Circulation Research, 2015, 116(10), 1649-54.
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    Selected for cover. Commented in Nat. Immunology, 2014, 15 (7), 595-596. Woodruff M.C .and Turley S. Chemokine ‘grooming’ by cLECs directs DC migration.