Watch Favour Onyeogaziri’s "three-minute-thesis" about leaking blood vessels


Favour Onyeogaziri, PhD student in Elisabetta Dejana’s research group, has been selected as a finalist in the competition Coimbra Group Three-Minute-Thesis. On 29 June she will present her contribution where she describes leaking blood vessels in an illustrative way.

Photo of Favour Onyeogaziri
Favour Onyeogaziri
Photo: David Naylor

For the competition, researchers from twenty of the Coimbra Group member universities submitted three-minute films where they pitch their research. After a voting among the member universities, three finalists remain who will present their contributions live at 10.30 on 29 June on Coimbra Group's YouTube channel.

Here you can watch Favour Onyeogaziri’s and the other finalists’ films.