The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation funds IGP researchers’ positions


The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has awarded grants for a four-year researcher position for Xiaonan Zhang, a two-year postdoc position for Preeti Jha, and research months for Ulla Martinsson.

Xiaonan Zhang is a researcher in Tobias Sjöblom’s group and she has been awarded a four-year position to characterize the Achilles heel of chemo-resistant childhood cancer cells.

Preeti Jah works in Marika Nestor’s group at IGP and in the research group Preparative Medicinal Chemistry at the Department of Medicinal Chemistry. She has received funding for a postdoctoral position to improve the treatment of neuroblastoma using small targeting molecules.

Ulla Martinsson is a senior consultant in Gunilla Enblad’s group and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation has granted her funding to study acute and late side effects of radiation therapy before the age of 18 years.

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