The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation supports a record number of IGP researchers


Thirteen IGP researchers have been awarded research grants from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation. The grants are between SEK 500 000 and 3.0 million, for one to three years.

The researchers that have been granted funding in this year’s call for proposals from the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation are Michael Andäng, Emma Eriksson, Magnus Essand, Karin Forsberg Nilsson, Linda Holmfeldt, Helena Jernberg Wiklund, Sven Nelander, Marika Nestor, Tobias Sjöblom, Bo Stenerlöw, Fredrik Swartling, Theresa Vincent and Xiaonan Zhang.

Several of the new grants will be used for research on childhood brain tumours, for instance to use targeting drugs to improve molecular radiation therapy of neuroblastoma, or identification of a resting cell specific Achilles heel in pediatric neuroblastoma. Other projects concern the effect of co-exposure to radiation and anesthetics, immune activating, tumour killing viruses to treat soft tissue sarcoma, or epigenetic gene signatures in acute lymphatic leukemia. The largest grant is awarded Magnus Essand for developing CAR T cells to treat brain tumours.

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