Research grants from the Sjöberg Foundation to two IGP researchers


Fredrik Swartling is awarded a grant of SEK 3 million and Peter Nygren receives a SEK 2.7 million grant from the Sjöberg Foundation.

Fredrik Swartling’s research group study the brain cancer medulloblastoma in children. The main cause of death in children with this type of cancer is tumour recurrence. The grant from the Sjöberg Foundation will be used for a project with the title “Recurrence mechanisms in childhood brain tumours and targeted therapy at the single cell level”.

“We are extremely happy for the support from the Sjöberg Foundation. This gives us an opportunity to understand in detail how severe brain tumours in children recur, which in the future can enable more specific therapies that target the recurrence,” says Fredrik Swartling.

Peter Nygren’s research focuses on improving cancer treatment, for instance by identifying new lead compounds that potentially can be developed to new cancer drugs. He has been granted funding for the project ”Clinical trials of grain based antisecretory factor inducing foods for improved safety and efficacy of cancer treatment”.

“I am of course very happy to receive this generous support for hands-on clinical therapy research,” says Peter Nygren.

The Sjöberg Foundation shall, according to the donor Bengt Sjöberg’s will, support research that makes a different for cancer patients. The foundation therefore acts to support neglected areas where the patients are particularly vulnerable since effective drugs are lacking or the costs are too high. In addition to grants to Swedish researchers, the foundation also annually awards the Sjöberg prize to a distinguished researcher, or group of researchers, in Sweden or internationally.

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