Rudbeck Seminars, spring 2014

      The Rudbeck Hall, Thursdays at 13.00


24/1  NOTE! Friday at 12.00
Speaker: Andree Blaukat
Affiliation: Merck Serono | Global Research & Development
Title: Targeting DNA Repair Mechanism for Cancer Therapy
Host: Patrick Micke

To be decided


Speaker: Witek Kilarski
Affiliation: Integrative Biosciences Institute, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne
Title: Imaging matrix heterogeneity and metastasis in mouse melanoma model
Host: Lena Claesson-Welsh

Speaker: Robin Fåhreus
Affiliation: Institut de Génétique Moléculaire, Hôpital St. Louis, Université Paris
Title: The role of mRNAs in regulating the p53 pathway
Host: Ola Söderberg

Speaker: Nancy Pedersen
Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet
Title: Secrets of Aging: Will they be revealed by our genes, telomeres or epigenetics?
Host: Jan Dumanski

Speaker: Satu Kuure
Affiliation: University of Helsinki
Title: Genetic control of renal differentiation
Host: Johanna Andrae


6/3   OBS!   Extra Rudbeckseminarium, kl 11.00
Speaker: Jerome Galon
Affiliation: INSERM, Laboratory of Immune microenvironment and tumours, Paris
Title: The immune landscape and Immunoscore in tumors
Host: Sara Mangsbo

Speaker: Kostas Stamatopoulos
Affiliation: Institute of Applied Biosciences, Thessaloniki, Greece (visiting professor at IGP, Uppsala)
Title: Signaling pathways at play in lymphomas and leukemias
Host: Richard Rosenquist Brandell

Speaker: Ras Trokovic
Affiliation: Stem Cell Center, Biomedicum, Helsinki
Title: Human induced pluripotent stem cells: promises and challenges
Host: Niklas Dahl

Speaker: Jared Sterneckert
Affiliation: Max Planck Institute, Munster
Title: Stem cells and Parkinson's disease: from disease modeling to drug discovery
Host: Niklas Dahl, Jens Schuster

Speaker: Jens Coorssen
Affiliation: University of Western Sidney
Title: Top-down Proteomics: 2D gels are an integral part of dissecting molecular mechanisms
Host: Ola Söderberg


4/4   NOTE! Friday at 11.00
Speaker: Martin Peifer
Affiliation: Köln
Title: Insights into the architecture of cancer genomes by massively parallel sequencing
Host: Richard Rosenquist, Johan Botling

Speaker: Sven Nelander
Affiliation: IGP, Uppsala Universitet
Title: Predictive oncology: systems-scale analysis and prospective modeling of cancer stem cells from patients
Host: Magnus Essand

Maundy Thursday

Speaker: Henrik Semb
Affiliation: The Danish Stem Cell Center, University of Copenhagen
Title: Receptor tyrosine kinase signalling coordinates morphogenesis and fate decisions during organogenesis
Host: Christer Betsholtz



Speaker: Jussi Taipale
Affiliation: Karolinska Institutet
Title: Systems Biology of Cancer
Host: Sven Nelander

Speaker: Holger Gerhardt
Affiliation: Cancer Research UK
Title: From cells to networks – mechanisms of blood vessel patterning in development and disease
Host: Christer Betsholtz

22/5    NOTE!  at 9.00 – 9.30
Speaker: Kari Alitalo
Affiliation: Biomedicum, Helsinki
Title: Lymphangiogenesis: Novel insights to basic mechanisms and therapy
Host: Lena Claesson-Welsh

22/5    NOTE! Extra Rudbeck seminar, at 11.20 – 11.50
Speaker: Ralf Adams
Affiliation: MPI, Münster
Title: New branches on the vascular tree: organ-specifc roles of blood vessels
Host: Lena Claesson-Welsh

Ascension day


4/6   NOTE!  Wednesday at 13.00 in the Fåhraeus Hall
Speaker: Mike Simons
Affiliation: Yale Cardiovascular Research Center, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven
Title: VEGF receptor signaling: state of the art
Host: Christer Betsholtz

5/6 NOTE!! Grönwallsalen, Academic Hospital entrance 70, at 10 AM and 1 PM
Speaker: Polly Matzinger
Affiliation: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH, Bethesda, MD
Talk 1 (10 AM): Introduction to Danger: does the immune system really care about self vs non-self?
Talk 2 (1 PM): Immunity and autoimmunity: are the tissues in control?
Host: Magnus Essand

Speaker: Anna-Lise Williamson
Affiliation: Institute of Infectious Disease and Molecular Medicine, Cape Town, South Africa
Title: The interaction between HIV and human papillomavirus – a major public health challenge in South Africa
Host: Ulf Gyllensten