Master in Molecular Medicine

The master programme in molecular medicine focuses on molecular mechanisms behind diseases, new technologies in genomics, epigenomics and proteomics, and development of new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies. There is a very strong link to ongoing medical research and technology development, and the students will interact with scientists and clinicians at Uppsala University and Uppsala University Hospital.

The programme is taught entirely in English.

All courses in the programme can be studies as single subject courses. More information can be found on the page about single subject courses. Eligible to apply are students in biology, molecular biology and medical science with a background in biochemistry, chemistry, cell and molecular biology.

Program content:

Year 1
1st Semester
Medical genetics and cancer; molecular mechanisms, 15 c (3MG022)
Advanced Techniques in Molecular Medicine, 15c (3MG012)

2nd Semester
Genomic and Epigenomic Medicine, 15c (3MG025)
Molecular tools for Proteome Analysis and Diagnostics, 7.5 c (3MG026)
Biomarkers; discovery and validation, 7,5 c (3MG028)

Year 2
1st Semester
Bioimaging and cell analysis, 7.5 c (3MG036)
Regenerative medicine, 7.5 c (3MG035)
Elective period

2nd Semester
Master degree project in Molecular Medicine 30 c

Overview of the Master Programme in Molecular Medicine