Gene regulation and functional genetics at single cell resolution

The Gallant research group is focused on understanding the basic mechanisms of gene regulation, and on dissecting the impact of epigenetic regulation on cellular response to perturbation (e.g. drug therapy). We also study the impact of genetic variants on gene expression and protein function.

In order to study these aspects, we are developing and applying tools for single cell analysis, multiplex protein detection and multi-parameter (RNA, protein, protein modifications) analysis.

Current projects in our group include:
(a) Development of methods for combined mRNA-protein detection in single cells.
(b) Analysis of the epigenetic factors affecting cancer cell migration modes (with Staffan Strömblad, KI).
(c) Establishment of a cerebral organoid cell model to study the impact of genetic mutations associated with developmental delay (with Niklas Dahl, UU).

Funding: Swedish Research Council, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research, Marcus Borgströms Foundation.