NIH funding to Marcel den Hoed


Marcel den Hoed is co-applicant in a project that was recently awarded a grant from the American NIH. The project aims to characterise genes that influence the risk of diabetes and is a collaboration between researchers from USA, UK and Sweden.

The project, led by Mark McCarthy at the University of Oxford, UK, aims to use human beta cell, zebrafish, and Drosophila based model systems to identify and characterise genes that influence the risk of diabetes.

Large-scale genome-wide association studies in humans have identified >100 DNA regions that are robustly associated with the risk of diabetes, but which genes in these regions cause the associations, and through what mechanism largely remains unknown. By identifying and characterising genes that influence diabetes risk, the research team hopes to better understand the biology that underlies glucose metabolism in health and disease, and provide new targets for therapeutic strategies and diagnostic/prognostic biomarkers.

The research team, that besides Mark McCarthy consists of co-applicants Anna Gloyn (University of Oxford), Seung K Kim (Stanford University) and Marcel den Hoed (IGP and SciLifeLab), will acquire and integrate results from humans and human pancreatic beta cell, (Oxford), Drosophila (Stanford) and zebrafish (Uppsala) based model systems.

The studies will be performed during the next two years. The Uppsala subcontract is for USD 333 000 in direct costs.

More information about Marcel den Hoed’s research