Service facilities at IGP

The department includes seven service facilities that are also open to external users. Most of them are organised in platforms within SciLifeLab.

Uppsala Genome Center offers genetic analyses such as genotyping and sequencing, including SOLiD ultra high throughput sequencing.

At the PLA platform researchers can perform protein analyses using the Proximity Ligation Assay technique.

The mission for the Clinical Genomics Uppsala facility is to develop and provide new genetic tests for routine diagnostics and translational research projects.

The Single Cell Proteomics Facility provides access to state-of-the art methods to detect proteins, or protein combined with RNA, in single cells.

Data Centre provides support regarding IT and data management, both to other SciLifeLab platforms and to external users.

The Preclinical Cancer Treatment Center is a pilot facility that offers service for the evaluation of novel drugs or for studies for refining current cancer therapies.

IGP also hosts the BioVis facility which provides researchers with instrumentation and service for flow cytometry and microscopy. BioVis is largely financed by the Disciplinary Domain of Medicine and Pharmacy.


Photos: activities at the core facilities; sequencing, microscopy, flow cytometry