PhD Student Council at IGP

The PhD student council is an organization formed by graduate students belonging to the different research areas from IGP. Our main goal is to be the voice of all PhD students at the department, providing information and guidance regarding postgraduate education. Therefore, the PhD student council is represented at the IGP Department Board and the FUG committee. We also hold monthly internal meetings where everyone is welcome to participate.

Some of our activities include providing information about obligations and rights as postgraduate students, organizing a yearly PhD student symposium to promote scientific discussions and hosting social events for our PhD students to meet and interact with other members of the department.

The PhD student council is constantly searching for new members, so do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in joining us!

Members of the PhD student council

Leonor Gouveia – Chair
Verónica Rendo – Representative at the Department Board
Anja Mortensen – Representative at the FUG committee
Svea Stratmann – Treasurer
Dijana Djureinovic
Sanna Gudmundsson
Linnéa La Fleur
Loora Laan
Emma Young


       The PhD student council at IGP