Administration at IGP


Birgitta Gustafsson, financial coordinator
Financial coordination and overall department finances

Martin Andersson, financial adm.
Finances for the research groups Enblad, Nygren, Glimelius, B Johansson, Ullenhag, Holmfeldt, Jernberg Wiklund, Hellström, Ahnesjö, Nestor, Stenrelöw, Tolmachev

Anna Backeryd Lindström, economist
Finances for the research groups Korsgren, Mangsbo, B Nilsson, Magnusson, Rönnelid, Essand, Loskog, Landegren, Kamali-Moghaddam

Jenny Djerf, economist
Finances for the research groups Chugunova, Forsberg Nilsson, Nelander, Swartling, Uhrbom, B Westermark, Allen, Bondeson, Dahl, den Hoed, Dumanski, Feuk, Forsberg, Gyllensten, Å Johansson, Pettersson, Wadelius, Åkerud

Ulf Dohlmar, economist
Finances for the research groups Sjöblom, Rosenquist Brandell

Katarina Israelsson, financial adm.
Finances for the research groups Betsholtz, Dejana, Mäkinen, Claesson-Welsh, Dimberg, Jeansson, Bentley, Ulvmar

Tuulikki Simu, financial adm.
Overall EU projects and finances for the research groups Amini, Pontén, Micke, Botling, Alafuzoff, P Westermark

Ulla Steimer, financial adm.
Travel policies, travel expense sheets, IGP scholarships, equipment registry and inventory, finances for the SciLife faciilities and Beijer Laboratory


Camilla Nilsson, personnel coordinator
Personnel administration; recruitments, leaves of absence and holidays, insurances

Elin Ekberg, administrator
Private expenses, wellness care, residence permits

Christina Magnusson, administrator
PhD students and postgraduate education

Helene Norlin, administrator
PhD students and postgraduate education

Sara Mulder, administrator
Registration form, seminars, registry, archiving, conferences and meetings, guest room administration, express deliveries, telephones, rooms.

Undergraduate education

Nils-Erik Heldin, senior faculty adm.
Overall responsibility for undergraduate education at IGP.

Suzanne Ahlstav Hernandez, course adm.
Administration of master programs; registration and reporting of students in Uppdok, Studentportalen, room reservations.

Sofia Bodare, course coordinator
Coordination of undergraduate courses at IGP, undergraduate courses, course development and follow-up of course evaluations, marketing, handling admissions for the master programs.

Kristin Peisker, course coordinator
Coordination of undergraduate courses at IGP.

Gunilla Tibbling, course adm.
Undergraduate course administration; student and course information in Studentportalen, registration of students, results and grades in Uppdok, student follow-up. Entering course plans and course occasions in SELMA, course catalogue and course evaluations in KURT.

Coordination and communication

Kerstin Henriksson, project coord.
Internal and external communication, web, assistance with grant applications.