Postgraduate course/conference in Cardiovascular Pathology

Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala, March 27-29, 2014

These three days will summarize the current knowledge in cardiovascular pathology.

We will focus on several aspects of cardiovascular disease, in particular the combination of genetics and morphology.

The course/conference is suitable for specialists or MD:s training in cardiovascular pathology, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, genetics or forensic medicine

Included topics will be 

  • Modern methods in cardiovascular medicine and research
  • Autopsy of the heart patient
  • Sudden cardiac death
  • Cardiomyopathies including comparative animal models
  • Cardiac arrythmias
  • Amyloidosis
  • PET investigations
  • The endomyocardial biopsy
  • Inflammatory processes in the heart and aorta
  • Heart failure
  • Heart fibrosis and its reversal
  • Cardiovascular genomics and proteomics.
  • Disease of the aorta 


Professor Marie Allen, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Göran Andersson, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Gunnar Antoni, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Ulrik Baandrup, Aalborg, Denmark
Professor Perry Elliott, London, UK
Professor Per Eriksson, Stockholm, Sweden
Professor Göran Friman, Uppsala, Sweden
Ass. professor Henrik Green, Linköping, Sweden
Professor Ulf Gyllensten, Uppsala, Sweden
Peter Karlberg, Life Tech, clinical business development
Professor Erik Larsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor David Liem, UCLA, USA
Professor Carina Lundquist-Blomström, Uppsala, Sweden
Ass. professor Kenneth Nilsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Fredrik Pontén, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Stefan Thelin, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Ingemar Thiblin, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Gaetano Thiene, Padua, Italy
Professor Marialuisa Valente, Padua, Italy
Dr. Per Vikholm, Uppsala, Sweden
Ass. professor Anders Wanhainen, Uppsala, Sweden
Professor Per Westermark, Uppsala, Sweden
Ass. professor Gerhard Wikström, Uppsala, Sweden








The course is fully booked and registration is closed

Travelling to Uppsala



Course fee

The cost for the course is SEK 6.500 (approx. €750), excl. VAT. This includes all lectures, coffee, lunches, welcome reception and conference dinner. All participants will receive course/conference documentation.


Professor Erik Larsson
Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University

The University Hospital, Uppsala 


Associate professor Gerhard Wikström
Department of Cardiology, Uppsala University and University Hospital 

The course is organized in association with the Swedish Societies of Pathology, Cardiology, Forensic medicine, Vascular surgery and Thoracic surgery


Erik Larsson

Gerhard Wikström

Conference secretariat: